MySocialNexus uses the PutACodeOnIt Technology

A mashup of a website builder, a database, and a QR code creator.

PutACodeOnIt lifts your message off the page and brings it to life in their Smartphone or Tablet.

MySocialNexus is a “Personal” version of PutACodeOnIt. It includes the exact same technology and features, while being priced for individuals.

Designed for Smartphones and Tablets, MySocialNexus invites people to click your Scancodes (QR Codes), then launches them right into your interactive presentation. It's perfect for Actors, Professionals, Entertainers, Athletes, you name it! The list is endless.

MySocialNexus automatically creates URLs and Scancodes for every page/item to instantly connect people to your content.

Easy-to-use and packed with features, MySocialNexus includes your Images, Videos, Slideshows, Audio, Social Media, Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Auto-respond-email, etc., to connect you with to people in powerful and meaningful ways.
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